Wood grappler Read more BISON 300 PRO Patented and carefully thought-out solutions together with durable materials ensure BISON 300’s extremely high reliability and durability. are a class on its own Revolutionary wood grappler, We have long-term experience in the heavy machinery industry. which properties and durability

Wood grappler

Bison 300 PRO

The BISON 300, visible in the videos, is a new and revolutionary energy wood grapple, the properties and durability of which are a class on its own. Patented and carefully thought-out solutions together with durable materials ensure BISON 300’s extremely high reliability and durability.

The wide range of different variations and accessories of the BISON 300 energy wood grapple allows you to combine the most suitable model.

10+ years of experience

ISO 9001 Certification


High quality materials


Wide range of different variations and accessories

Bison 300 PRO features:

Weight: 500-550 kg (depending on accessories)

Operating pressure: max 300 bar

Grapple opening: 1200 mm

Maximum tree diameter: 300 mm

Recommended weight of the serving machine: 7-20 t

Required: minimum pump capacity 80 l/min

Enhanced and modified in 2022 autumn


What makes the Bison 300 PRO wood grapple special?

The toothed grapples with additional reinforcements ensure a stable and strong grip, which in turn speeds up the work process.
The cross-cut support ensures a precise and clean cut on the narrower grip and prevents roots and stumps from getting into the stored bush.
The reinforced container/cylinder guard ensures extremely precise synchronous movement of the grapples and protects the cylinder from possible damage.
The replaceable blade is made of wear-resistant HARDOX steel.The blade attachments are surrounded by special inserts that protect them from possible deformations. Due to this, the blade is very easy to change even after a long service life.
The purpose of the cutting blade is to speed up the cutting process because the trees are cut on two sides at the same time. Significantly reduces the force required for cutting.
The bolted joints are protected by special inserts, which prevent wear or deformation of the fasteners.
The stump uprooter is one of the useful accessories of the BISON 300, which helps to get rid of cumbersome stumps during cutting without changing the device.
Durable housing molded into a single piece of high-quality spring steel.
Additional collector is an accessory device, which is attached to the main device with a bolt connection. An additional collector allows you to hold a larger amount of brush without the need for a storage procedure in the meantime. This saves time and reduces equipment wear. The additional collector is also suitable for other manufacturers' devices.
Fastening of customer's choice.
Available with short and long shaft.

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Estrus Steel OÜ carried out the project “Protection of the intellectual property of Estrus Steel”, the aim of which was to protect the intellectual property of the log / energy wood grapple of the new product under development. As a result of the project, patent study was conducted and a utility model together with a patent application was filed. The implementation of the project was supported by the Enterprise Estonia from the European Regional Development Fund. The amount of support is 3974 EUR.